Sunday, 11 December 2011

Tick tick tick

Yep three more Christmas makes checked off the list over the past few days.

As I hoped, I managed to get the little tissue pouches made at class on Thursday night.  These will be presents for two sisters who are friends of my son and are matches for the little purses I made last week.  He was very complimentary when he inspected the final makes and thinks the girls will be happy to receive these on Christmas Eve.  (He chose the fabrics himself from my stash - not bad at all!)

And for DS himself I made a cushion from the remaining Cosmo Cricket Snorkel fabrics to match his Surprise Quilt.

LOVE it!

Surprise Quilt and Cushion together

I wish I had thought to quilt the quilt itself with these wavy lines, they really appeal to me especially with the theme of these fabrics.  Hindsight would be better if it could be foresight!

So, as I say Tick Tick Tick.  The list is getting smaller (thankfully).


  1. Those little pouches are so cute. I love the quilt and the pillow, what a wonderful present!

  2. Tissue pouches are perfect match for the purses! And Andrew's cushion is fab! Really love those wavy quilting lines too! Jxo

  3. Great makes, Sarah! That cushion and quilt are totally fabulous! What a lucky lad you have!

  4. These all look great, I especially like the wavy quilting.

  5. Great little gifts and LOVE the cushion. The pattern works so well in that size as well!


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