Monday, 19 December 2011

Getting there ...

Thanks to all the lovely bloggers out there who keep reminding me how many more sewing days are left until Christmas!  I could do without the pressure of knowing this, but at least it's keeping me at it and I am getting there.  The stitching list is getting smaller and my pile of wrapped pressies is getting taller - HOORAY!!!!

As a brief diversion from Christmas present production I adapted the tissue pouch pattern Judith taught us at class to re-size it as a pouch for DS's 3DS.  Worked a treat and DS is delighted with his starry choice of fabric from my Joann's FQs.

Since I made a teacher's gift and two girl gifts at the Christmas gifts class I allowed myself a little personal indulgence and stitched up the potholder project just for me.  I love that this one was whipped up with the scraps from last years projects (and it didn't even take that many)!  Not sure I'm going to have the heart to set a pan of boiled spuds on it this year but it will look pretty in the kitchen in any case.  (Note to self: learn not to be so precious about things - sure isn't it always an excuse to make another one if it did get a little worn/stained.)

for DH

for DS

Then, as a final whirl at my stitchy gifts for DH and DS I made a mug rug each to match their Secret Quilt & Cushion and Surprise Quilt & Cushion.  I love how the block from the Surprise Quilt looks in this mini version (still haven't found a name for it).  Very satisfying to finish these sets of gifts for the men in my life!  Can't wait to see how they like them on Christmas morning.

Just one more stitched gift and a few crocheted ones to go and that'll be me - hope to show you soon.


  1. Yea! For being almost done. All your makes are brilliant and I love how the men gifts all coordinate. Oh, and I wouldn't be able to put a pot on that lovely pot holder either!

  2. you have been busy and good to know you are near the end of your list. I made a potholder once too and have never been able to put anything on it!!

  3. The mugrugs turned out fab! You definitely sound like you're on top of things! Jxo

  4. Nice makes, Sarah. It is nice to make something for yourself. It will put a smile on your face every time you catch sight of it. I made a table mat for the kitchen table and I grin when I see it. It gives a warm glow when you see the things you've made for the home.

  5. I, too, am still sewing away under pressure on this end-- but I think I have an extra seven hours more than you before Christmas arrives here in the US (that's half a day!). I've been sewing lots of little cases similar to the tissue cozy pattern you adjusted for a DS case-- I've adjusted them for different sizes, too. Haven't posted yet, though. I love your matching mug rugs to the quilts you made for your husband and son-- they're great! I'm like you in that I hate to actually 'use" any of the wonderful homemade mug rugs I've received in swaps-- I either use them as decoration, or I use the back side of one. Silly, isn't it? But I'm a coffee drinker and don't want to stain them. Glad you had time to make the pretty potholder for yourself!! And now I'm going to get off my butt and get movin-- the day is just beginning here, and the coffee is finally kicking in (a little too much actually, even with half-decaf)-- no time to waste. Have a great day (or maybe it's evening there?)

  6. Some great finishes! I especially love the last mug rug!

  7. Many lovely things, I especially love the pot holder for you. I hope you use is and if something spills and it does not wash out, well of course you can make another.


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