Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Last Pressies Finished!


You need to be quiet please because my sewing machine is sleeping.  She is having a well deserved rest after her pressie making fest.  The last of my presents is stitched, pressed and wrapped and here they are  in a quick sneek peek for you -

made from Artsy Craftsy Babe's Pleated Tote Bag tutorial
triple pocket inside the bag - I love this lining!
Someone has dropped lots of hints about the shape and size of a bag I made for myself earlier this year being just perfect so this one is now taped up inside festive paper with their name on the tag.  Bit nervous about my fabric choice on this one. I love it and would happily keep it for myself, just not so sure what the recipient will make of it.

I had a little play with quilting the lining on this one and really like the wavy line gridwork that I ended up with.  I would like to try this out on a quilt sometime soon (is it just me who thinks it's scary to try something different when quilting?), just have to pluck up the courage to give it a go.

And (drumroll please) as my final handmade pressies I finished up this bouquet of crocheted brooches.

A couple of these are specifically destined for some stockings but the rest are little pot luck pressies for those who would like one at our family Boxing Day gathering.  I know you don't see blue roses too many places but I think the blue/teal ones are my favourites in this bunch.

Phew!  It's been quite a month or two of making, but I do hope it'll be worth it when folks open their gifts this weekend.

Hope your gift making is going well too!


  1. what a lovely bag: I love the fabric - you have been busy¬

  2. What a great bag! I recognise the outer fabric but not the lining! is it Ikea too??
    I love your crochet flowers! are they easy to make? I'm still learning!!

  3. Well done to you! That is quite an accomplishment because you have made so many things these past few weeks. I love the lining and would be surprised if the recipient didn't. I also love your 'bouquet'!

  4. Love the bag. The lining is great. It is nice to have something so bold. It will warm the cockles of her heart (recipient's) every time she opens it. You've done good!
    Di xo

  5. The bag is stunning! Love the lining too! And you're just as addicted as me with those flowers!! LOL! I really like the teal one too! Well done! Jxo

  6. Great bag, love the lining.

  7. isnt it a wonderful feeling to know it is ...DONE? well done, now enjoy the holidays xx

  8. I love your bag and both the outside and lining fabrics-- I hope your recipient felt the same way. I also like the way you quilted it. The flower brooches look so pretty as a bunch together. I'm with you-- I like to try techniques out on a smaller project first-- I have at least half a dozen UFO quilt tops that I've never sandwiched and quilted, but my resolution for the new year is to complete those-- and now that I've worked on so many smaller projects, I have more confidence to attempt them. Love your homemade pressies1 Has your machine woken from its "sleep" yet?


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