Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Secret Quilt Revealed

For those of you who didn't spot my accidental publish of this wee post back when the quilt was just finished here's the "official" Secret Quilt reveal. 

So remember I started with this

and a sketch of what I was aiming for (I only made a few changes to the plan in the end).

Then I spent a lot of time with one of these

nervously wringing my hands and hoping it would all fit together.

And it did!

Here it is in all it's Roman glory!

I know the border block is Greek key but the Romans used it lots too.

This applique block is the Eagle - symbol carried by the Roman Legions (or something like that)

When Constantine became Emperor and introduced Christianity across the Roman Empire, he had the Roman legions carry this Chi-Rho symbol before them.  Chi and Rho are the first two Greek symbols of the name of Christ.

Close-up of the border blocks and the foundation pieced lettering

Washed and dried and ready for wrapping.

The wrinkly crinkliness after tumble drying hides my not-quiet-so-straight-line quilting!

My 2011 Secret Quilt project was for my lovely hubby who seriously enjoys Roman history.  I'm sure he'll be able to tell me that some of the "Roman" elements are historically inaccurate - but I did try Hubs!   Can't imagine there'll ever be another quilt like this one is the world ever!  Unless, of course, anyone would like me to do a BOM quilt-a-long?.....


Hope you and yours all had a fabulous Christmas Holiday!

PS - I think he liked it - a bottle of whiskey and a quilt to snuggle in, what more could a man want from Santa?


  1. Wow, Sarah-- the Secret quilt for your husband is just amazing!! I'm sure he will appreciate all the thought, effort and work that went into it. I know a lot of guys who are into history, but never met one that was into Roman history. You did a great job!!! Hope you had a great holiday!

  2. I love the hubs quilt - especially the 'hubs' bit that you put in there along with all the Roman stuff. A very personal and well thought out gift that I am sure is treasured totally! Glad it was so well received!

  3. what an amazing quilt: I bet it took some planning, not suprised you needed the calculator! Fabulous!

  4. That is a wonderful quilt, you did a fantastic job!

  5. Now whiskey and quilts is a combo I could live with! Hope you've had a lovely few days! Jxo

  6. dont you love it when a plan comes together xx

  7. You have made a beaut quilt. I am sure your hubby was touched by all the thought and work you have put into it. Di xo


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