Thursday 7 July 2011

Special Pressies for A Very Special Friend

In between other projects I have been sneaking in a wee extra here and there for somebody's birthday.  This was nerve wracking stuff 'cos the person they were for is my inspiration and encourager and it's quite scary making offerings for the person you admire most in patchwork and quilting! Thankfully though, she's also a beautiful, gracious and forgiving person, so these were for her special day and now that she has received them I can show them to you.

Firstly, a fabric basket as a gift bag for her real pressies in purple, her favourite colour. (It had a few wee bought pressies inside for her to enjoy.)

Then I made a mug rug as a celebration of her special day.  I really enjoyed this one and got carried away with the little embroidery pieces which made the final mug rug a little bigger than normal - just right for an extra large piece of birthday cake with her cuppa!

The finished mug rug.

The little embroidery windows - a cupcake ...
sort of self-explanatory this one ...

yep, it was a special birthday ...
and a girlie cup for her tea!

And finally, remember my scrap fabric - well, I made it up into her birthday card.

There's a wee pun  Fab 40 -fabric 40, get it? and 'cos she really is fab in all sorts of ways, not just her stitching talent.  The buttons are there just because she loves them. I know this card isn't the most sophisticated she'll receive but I thought it fitting since she taught me how to create the fabric for it (and almost everything else I know about sewing).

Happy birthday (a little belatedly), my dear sweet friend. May your celebrations continue all year and may this new year bring many of God's richest blessings your way!

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  1. Oh what a lovely post! You are such a blessing to me in so many ways. Thank you again for spending time making me these adorable gifts. Jxo


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