Sunday, 3 July 2011

Picnic Rug Progress

Doesn't a wee bit of sunshine do your heart good?  It's been an absolutely fantastic weekend for weather and today the sunshine was glorious! I even managed to pick up a wee bit more steam today and made some headway on the picnic rug.

Isn't she lovely?
Got the rug on the line to prove that yes, the sun does sometimes shine in Northern Ireland.

Back of quilt - no raw seams on this side.

It's not quite finished - needs a label for its recipient and then I have to snip into all those raw seams and wash and tumble dry it to bring up those lovely fluffy seams. At least it now looks like it will have a chance of being ready on time to be gifted just after next weekend.


  1. Oh my hat! What have you been drinking - red bull?? This looks amazing! Nothing like a wee hospital stay to turbo charge the productivity! And the sunshine makes those colours even sunnier. Gorgeous! Jxo

  2. this looks fantastic, well done!


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