Saturday 16 July 2011

Kaleidoscope Recovery

I'm happy to report that with a little patience I think I will be able to rescue my kaleidoscope blocks.  Yippee! Doesn't this little block look much happier than the travesty I posted yesterday?

It's not going to be the speediest recovery but I am so delighted that all is not lost.  And, since it's just for me there's no big deadline for this quilt anyway.


  1. This looks so perfectly pieced and flat! It's gonna be a stunner of a quilt (albeit a slow one!). Jxo

  2. Well done - I felt so bad for yesterday and marvelled at your determination - I think I may have been tempted to throw the whole lot out the window. But the block looks great and I am sure will make a stunning quilt - I love the blue and white colour scheme. Keep up the great work. Caroline


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