Saturday, 2 July 2011

Catching Up

Being out of action for a couple weeks is wreaking havoc with my projects list and I really need to catch up. All being well I'll be able to go to class next week and I'd like to be on track before then as it's the last class for this project and I need to be able to gift the quilt a few days thereafter.  No pressure then!  So after a spell in the sewing room this afternoon I have managed to join all the blocks into rows -

Wish the light had been better in these pics.

Stitching these blocks took much longer than I thought it would - think it's a combination of both me and the Toyota being a bit under par today - which was a little frustrating.  I hadn't enough room to lay it all out so in the pics the rows are all overlapping, but in the finished quilt each row will be as wide as the one you can see far right.

I am really looking forward to snipping the seams in this quilt and getting that lovely soft raggy look once it's washed and dried.  Must keep reminding myself not to fall too much in love with this one as I am giving it away.  Hope to post the finished quilt before too long!


  1. I am loving your fabric choice there, Sarah! That is going to be such a snuggly quilt and a wonderful gift.

  2. Looking good. The quilting lines are perfect and show up lovely in the rows - almost like waves. Jxo


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