Tuesday 26 July 2011

Caroline's All Heart

Yes, she is, 'cos this fab lady is planning to make quilts, yes plural, to raise money for the worthwhile cause that is Cancer Research.  Caroline has sent out a wee call for help in the form of blocks and since 99% of you who read this will be lovers of block-making, perhaps you can give her a wee hand.

Check out her blog for more details, but basically she's after an 8" square block with an appliqued heart on it.

Personally I dithered over opting in, not because I didn't want to help such a great cause, but because I don't really know how to applique except by hand.  Bull by the horns time, Sarah!  Yep, I practiced (no photo 'cos it would frighten poor Caroline) and then had a stab at a simple single heart.

I did it!  I did it!  I tell you, folks, some days I even impress myself (not often mind).  This block is probably officially the world's slowest machine appliqued heart, but here it is, its not fancy but I hope it will suit Caroline's project well.  It's actually a lovely deep red but my pics make it look very orange, and I promise the stitching is nice and neat even if you can't see it very well here.


  1. Fantastic applique heart, Sarah. I just finished my two as well. Will get them in the post before we go away. Hopefully everyone blogging about it will get a load more hearts to Caroline.

  2. Woohoo! Fab heart! And well done on another first! I guess Trammy Tracey has left the building! Jxo

  3. Yay! well done Sarah that is indeedy a heart to be proud of :-)
    I finished a couple tonight -machine applique didn't go too well (first time effort oops!) so have resorted to raw edge applique & hand applique - Much Betterer :-)


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