Tuesday 5 July 2011

Kaleidoscope QAL - fabric selection

Well, I've scrutinised my stash (didn't take long as it's more a pile than a true stash) and chosen these for the Kaleidoscope QAL.

Makower - Blue Danube (and one or two extras)

I had been saving these fqs for a mini version of Dear Jane, but alas that plan has bitten the dust (for now at least).  And, while I had hoped I might be able to gather enough more modern fabrics for the Kaleidoscope and keep these for a more classic sampler type project, there just wasn't the scope in my little stash.  So, here they are all waiting for the kick off.  I'm sure they'll be lovely with a wee bit of kona snow and I'll have my blue and white quilt a bit sooner than I would if I were waiting on making the Dear Jane.  So off to the cutting table ...


  1. Love these blues - they're so you! With the white you'll get an amazing kaleidoscope design against the blue. Happy cutting! Jxo

  2. I'm with Judith. I think with the White your quilt will be stunning.


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