Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Being sewciable again

As some of the Covid restrictions are slightly relaxing here, it has been lovely to finally be able to get together with friends inside again to stitch together. 

My friend and I are meeting weekly, when we can, to stitch up some of Lori Holt's Great Granny Squared blocks.  My trusty Bonnie and Camille stash has been dipped into again and I'm building a nice little collection of blocks for what I hope will be a quilt for Siblings Together sometime later this year.  It has been lovely to work on these without pressure of a particular deadline and just enjoy the fabric choices and taking time to get all those seems nested well.  There's a lot to be said for slow sewing.

My friend was wanting to try out a little zippy cosmetic bag too, so we stitched little pouches one afternoon.  In full disclosure, mine had to be totally unpicked and re-stitched.  I had switched to first time varifocal glasses that week and I couldn't get used to them at all.  The resulting sewing was not pretty.  I may have had a little huff at the prospect of all the unpicking, but I did eventually return to it and fix things up when I has worked out how exactly to see through my glasses for sewing at the machine.  Ah, the trials of middle age ;-)

Sewing with friends makes me very happy, and I am so glad things are opening up to allow that as a possibility again.  I even have plans to travel to England in July for a lovely, long mid-week stitchy holiday with my beloved TATS buddies.  See you all soon, ladies!!


  1. Fabulous blocks, Bonnie and Camille fabric always has such a happy feel to it. x

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