Monday, 24 October 2016

Weak weak weak - Cosy Christmas Sew Along

Yes, I am weak.  I could not resist Lori Holt's Cosy Christmas Sew Along, especially as I have a Cutesy Tootsie who makes a perfectly good excuse for such frivolous sewing!

Block 1

Now, I am not naive enough to believe this will be a sew along that I can keep up with, but that's ok.  There's no rush and Cutesy is too little to be excited by a Christmas quilt just yet anyway. Phew, that gives me another year, possibly two, to actually bring it to conclusion!

Block 2

I have all the constituent parts of the quilt already cut so that it's ready to go when I get around to the appliqué blocks that are the main feature of the quilt.  Of course, I have been impatient and there are now three little blocks stitched up already.

Block 3

The cuteness of these just tickles me.  Oh yes, I am enjoying having a little daughter to sew for!  I will probably overwhelm her with girliness and she'll turn out a pink-hating tom boy just to serve me right - ha!

(Forgive the unkempt edges of my blocks.  I've decided when I'm holding blocks for a while before they will finally be stitched into their quilts that I won't trim them until nearer the time just to protect the seams from coming apart  in storage and handling.)

Are you sewing along with Lori this year?



  1. lots of Christmas projects in your house this year, regardless of which Christmas. Having a little one in the house will rejuvenate all that pre Christmas excitement and joy.

  2. Oh this is going to be adorable! Your fabric choices are perfect!

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous! I am sad that my kids are to old for this cuteness! Adore the process and making her pinky quilts, dresses and whatever comes into your mind. It will end some day so just keep going!


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