Thursday, 20 October 2016

Happy Days BOM - Month 8

I'm not going to lie, Month 8 of Sarah Fielke's Happy Days BOM too me a long time to finish.  Two foundation pieced blocks and a humdinger of a Hawaiian appliqué later I have been challenged but not defeated!

Block 18 is a super pointy star block.  This one was quite straightforward piecing and my favourite part was choosing the fabrics.

Block 8 wasn't actually difficult but there did seem to be an awful lot of sections to join which resulted in this mighty convergence of seams (and tricky paper removal).

But, I hope you'll agree that Sarah's pattern was worth persevering with.  I love this one!  There are many fabric placement options for this block and it was hard to decide (and then remember) which to piece where.

I know that Block 16 has had some of us shaking in our boots but I didn't want to let this Hawaiian appliqué go by without at least trying it. There were certainly an awful lot of twists and turns as the needleturning got underway.  I'll admit that I got a certain distance in and then got a wee bit overwhelmed, leaving it aside for a week or two.

However, as is often the case with these things, the fear of the block was worse than the reality and aside from a struggle between my fat fingers and those internal cut out sections, it finished without much incident.  I wish that there was better contrast in this block after all that work.  Funny how sometimes a fabric turns out not to have quite as much as contrast as you thought.

Now I must see if I can fill in the gap and finish Month 7's blocks!

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  1. The blocks all look stunning and beautiful. There is a huge amount of fabric in the middle of block 8 but it just looks amazing. Well done on the applique! This quilt will be gorgeous.


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