Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Quilt Now BOM - quilting begins

Hold on to your hats my lovely readers!  Yes, you see before you a basted Quilt Now BOM quilt.

It has taken long enough, hasn't it?

Now, don't go getting over excited and expecting a finish any time soon or anything, but yes, quilting has begun.

Well, a little bit anyway.  This quilt has been calling out for hand quilting rather than just machine quilting, I feel.  So, after some stitching in the ditch to stabilise the quilt, I've threaded up with perle cottons and am outline quilting the bits of the design I want to pick out.

I would love to get this quilt up on a wall soon, but as with all of my projects it'll just take as long as it takes.  At least this one's on the go now and will be a good one for cosying under while stitching on darker, chillier evenings.


  1. Yay! You did such a lovely job with this one, it really warrants hand quilting :) x

  2. It's such a lovely quilt, definitely wall-worthy! Jxo


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