Tuesday, 3 December 2013

MQGI Christmas Table Runner Swap

The Modern Quilt Guild of Ireland's Christmas Table Runner Swap is posting at the beginning of next week.  Wanting to avoid a last minute panic (not pretty), I got my skates on last weekend and I'm all ready to find a plastic envelope and write the address on.  Would you like to see what I made before I parcel it up?

Okay, but first you have to sing along for a few seconds (tune: 12 days of Christmas, starting at day 3).  Here goes,

In the run up to Christmas
My partner sent to me
Four wonky stars

Two abstract trees

And a mill-i-on seams that she'd pressed!

Okay enough singing and yeah, I don't know what happened to 'three' either! ;-)

So after that nonsense, here's the runner for real:

I think it fits well with the likes/dislikes of my partner.  I felt like Santa checking that list and checking it twice in case I missed the bit where she said "no Christmas fabrics please" or "only red on pain of death".  But she was quite easy on me really.

I got a bit carried away with the angled shots because I actually really love this runner a lot and would happily keep it if my partner isn't fussed.

All my planning and maths worked out a treat and I even managed not to mess up a partial seam that I couldn't avoid (try as I might).  The full measurement is about 36" x 15". I finished it off with one of my favourite prints from Kate Spain's 'Joy' collection as the binding - others of her prints are in the trees - and a wee bit of outline hand quilting.

It was a real pleasure making this runner for my swap partner and when she finds her name under that wee bit of paper up there I do hope she'll enjoy it!

The swap includes sending a small tree decoration, so one of the little houses I made and showed you last week is destined for the parcel too.

Fingers crossed this will be happy mail for you partner!

Thanks to Sarah for organising the swap too!


  1. Well if she doesn't like it just send it my way! It's a beauty! Jxo

  2. It is beautiful and you have been so creative. Lucky partner, I say. Di x

  3. Great idea for a design for the runner :o)

  4. looks really well, and the tree decoration is great too. (I am planning a sewing day tomorrow to "nearly finish")

  5. your sewing partner is going to be over the moon I am sure, a lovely table runner and the wonky house is so charming

  6. It's really beautiful, Sarah. I have no doubt that your partner will love it too.

  7. it looks wonderful .... I can see why you want to keep it x I AM SURE YOU WOULD HAVE LOTS OF TAKERS IF YOU PUT IT UP FOR GRABS XX

  8. Very lovely result there, S. I would put my dibs in too!

  9. Crap, my name is to long for that little piece of paper! It is lovely! I love stars and the trees are perfect for me!

  10. Gorgeous, Sarah! I love how modern it looks with those trees!

  11. I love it! The abstract tree idea is brilliant. Great work.


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