Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Making Me Smile - 51/52

Who doesn't smile when they receive fab, thoughtful presents from a good friend?

This week I have been blessed to receive this gorgeous red and cream basket from Judith crammed full of all sorts of goodies that make me squeal inside!

I mean, only real sewists have proper Fiskars orange handled scissors, right?  So, with this pressie I feel like I've been promoted!  (Indulge me, I think it's just something from my childhood when the orange handled scissors were sacrosanct.)

Now, my thoughtful genius friend has listened closely to my sewing conversations over the past few months and clearly has been plotting and planning to hep me fill the gaps in my fussy cuttable (not even a word, I don't think) fabrics and my low volume selections.  I ask you, how many of you have ever received a package of swap charms when you didn't even enter the swap?!  Now, I know how jealous you will all be, but that's Judith, my dear sweet friend - she took two spots in Rachael's recent LVCharm Swap and both were for me!  You are a star, J and I love you!

Got to tell you that thoughtful friends also know that after those choccies up there I will be in need of the pretty napkins - she know what a mucky pup I am!  And, of course, Lynne and Kerry's book was also a star present in the basket.  I'm trying hard to "just look" for now and not get distracted into making yet. But.... it's.... so..... tempting....

And, to let you have a wee giggle too, I'll show you the card that accompanied this treasure trove of loveliness ....

Made me chuckle.  Those of you who know us both can decide for yourselves which of us is which on the card cartoon, but personally (sadly) I suspect I'm Mrs Pink Jumper with the lolling tongue!

Thanks a million for treating me to such loveliness and a wee laugh too, J!!

PS Tomorrow there might be a wee pressie on offer for one of you - be sure to come back then!


  1. Gorgeous! Lovely basket, amazing fabrics and a card which makes you laugh ... Brilliant

  2. That is the best gift!! How super-thoughtful, J is a star!

  3. You deserve it all, and more, my friend! And you've got the full 2 places worth of charms there! Enjoy! jxo

  4. Gorgeous pressies! I think J may be the one with the lolling tongue after a drink or two ;o)

  5. What an amazing gift, how fabulous to take an additional place in the swap! Love the card too x

  6. Fantastic presents and a very best friend. J is so thoughtful and you are a worthy recipient. Enjoy those scissors! Di x

  7. It's so nice to have super thoughtful friends.


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