Monday, 23 December 2013

Last finish of 2013

Just squeezing this quilt to a finish on time to pass it on to my cousin at our family Boxing Day gathering.  Her adorable little son was born about 5 weeks ago and this quilt is now ready to keep him cosy!

The fabrics are from several different collections and have pretty woodland critter theme which is in keeping with the soft autumnal/woodland theme I was briefed on by my aunt (baby's granny).  I am hoping that her idea of soft autumnal and mine will be similar.

You can see the designs a little better on this in-progress pic.

I opted for a plus quilt design for two reasons. 1) I've been wanting to make one for ages and 2) though I know my cousin would love a quilt, I don't think they will want fussy or old fashioned and this is a great design for avoiding that.

I can't often splash out on special fabric for the back of my quilts but when I saw this fanfare flannel I really couldn't resist.  It's the perfect soft gold colour and with the wee foxes I really couldn't have asked for a more perfect backing!  It's so snuggly!!

To keep the quilt nice and soft I simply quilted either side of the vertical seams.  The squares are only 3.25" finished so the quilting is still quite close together.

It has been ready to bind for a week or so but between carol services and concerts and other Christmas events  we've been busier at nights than normal so I was beginning to panic that I wasn't going to find some "sitting on my bum" time to get it across the finish line. So, I am relieved to finally get the binding and label stitched down so that it's ready to deliver.  And, it marks my last sewing finish of 2013!

Finally, just thought I'd share our family gingerbread house with you.  This is the first we have ever decorated (bought in Ikea - no domestic goddess here). The three of us set ourselves up on Sunday afternoon to get creative with the royal icing and dolly mixtures.  To our surprise hubby took quite well to this task (not known for his creative patience) and we had a great afternoon's messing and burning our fingers on hot sugar glue!  I think we may have founded a new Christmas family tradition!

Fa la la la la la la la la!


  1. Aww, very cute fabric choices on the quilt, and great job on the gingerbread house!

  2. Such a beautiful quilt! Soft and pretty but still trendy - nice job! And the gingerbread house is brill - love the roof!!

  3. A perfect quilt for the new baby and a sweet gingerbread house too. :-) Happy Christmas to you and your loved ones Sarah and abundant blessings in 2014. Xxx

  4. your gingerbread house looks great ... why make when you can buy one ready to go .. have you ever tried to make one? nightmare!
    Love the fabrics and soft colours in the baby quilt x

  5. Love the foxy flannel Your gingerbread house is perfect!

  6. Wonderful baby quilt, good for you to get it done. I love the gingerbread house and it sounds like it was great fun to make.

  7. 2 brilliant makes there! The house is good enough to eat!! Well done team! Jxo

  8. Your cousin is going to love that quilt and that is the most perfect backing for it. I like the thought of new traditions and wonder if your hubby can decorate your own house that well????? Lol. Di x

  9. love the quilt, the critters sure are cute. Shame to eat the gingerbread house!

  10. Think you nailed the "soft autumnal" ! It is fabulous!!!
    Happy holidays!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo com
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  11. That is the perfect baby quilt. And your gingerbread house is enchanting. Long live the tradition.

  12. The baby quilt is lovely and you had a lot great fabrics. The fox is so cute. The flanel looks really nice on the back and must be absolutely cosy. Wow to the house!

  13. What a gorgeous quilt! And I love the house too

  14. Very cute fabrics used in your quilt. In the new year I plan on making a plus quilt for my new niece or nephew due in February. I think it's a great layout for a baby quilt, especially if you've got nice fabrics to show off. Great gingerbread house too! I haven't tried one before either.


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