Friday, 12 April 2013

Whirlygig block

Whirlygig for Karen -

Sorry about the blur - having some pic problems the last few days.

Pretty whirlygig blocks are popping up on the hipBees flickr page for Karen's month as Queen Bee.  In my opinion, the magic of the whirlygig block only really happens when the blocks get pieced with others and then they are fabulous!!  I had great fun making a whirlygig quilt last year.  I hope Karen enjoys her whirlies - she has sent out some gorgeous prints to match with her beautiful textured white background.

Hope your quilt is great fun K!


  1. Cool! Love how the stripes add to the whirligig effect!

  2. I saw Di's yesterday and I agree that once together they will give the quilt such movement!

  3. Going to do mine this weekend, looking forward to giving it ago

  4. Beautiful. Mine is sill to be pieced. Di x

  5. I love how quickly they make up! And Karen's white fabric was lovely! Jxo

  6. Great block and I LOVED that white fabric! I couldn't believe how quick and simple the block was!


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