Friday, 19 April 2013

Making Me Smile - 16/52

Things to smile about today:

- sunshine, yes really (see up there behind that quilt)!
- not having to wear my coat on the way home from work!
- finishing work for the weekend!
- a gorgeous riot of colour in the Bee Blessed crazy scrappy quilt I'm binding (maybe you can spot your block up there?)!

Hope you have something to smile about today too!


  1. Wow, what a fabulous riot of colour, just gorgeous!

  2. The quilt has made me smile. It looks so bright and cheery! Ooh and I recognise a block!

  3. That quilt is gorgeous! I was smiling about not having to go to work today ;-)

  4. Plenty to smile about there!

  5. oh yey - I see my blocks!!! What a fab quilt. x

  6. What an amazing quilt. Isn't it nice to go out without having to wrap up in a gazillion layers

  7. Wow! I totally love this quilt! Binding is looking great! Jxo

  8. Sun does it for me every time AND not wearing a coat! Di x


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