Thursday, 11 April 2013

Making Mountains Out Of Molehills


I am about to show you two very similar Infinity scarfs.  Can you to spot the differences?

Give yourself a point if you spotted that they're different colours.

Another point if you area able to tell that the lower scarf is lightly narrower than the top one.

And, give yourself five bonus points if you were able to identify that the pink/vanilla one took an hour and a quarter to make while the purpley/magenta one took just 15 mins!!!

Let's just say that what I thought would be a nice little straightforward make became a bit of an exaggerated drama.  I had some difficulty interpreting the tutorial explanation for joining the loop and ended up trying to figure it out from three different tutorials and several blog commentaries.

Lots of head scratching, photo peering and mumbling because one tutorial stated clearly NOT to twist the scarf before joining and yet the pics of another showed a finished scarf with a definite twist in it (like my top photo above).  I followed the first tutorial but found the photographs confusing and ended up with a flat looped scarf.  More head scratching, muttering and some careful unpicking not to destroy or fray the voile fabric and I just did it how I thought it should be done in the first place.  Hooray!  An Infinity scarf with a twist which sits on the neck just as it should!

Cue the making of scarf number two which then took about 15 mins, 10 of which were spent pinning and pressing!

Result! (In spite of my Urghh! moments.)


  1. Be4autiful- I thought the point was that they were a moebius strip? Which needs a twist.

    And it looks to me, as if one is a right hand twist and the other, a left hand twist? both beautiful though.

  2. I live a life of urgh moments. The scarves are beautiful.

  3. Ooh they are lovely Sarah. I bet it was the 'wonking' that caught you out. You are a symmetrical girl at heart. Enjoy wearing them. Di x

  4. The voile is stunning! I still want to make one of these! I'll be consulting you (rather than the tute) when I do! jxo

  5. Love those scarves, would love to have a go at one. Have been thinking of making my own scarves. The colours are lovely.

  6. These are gorgeous... Well worth the initial frustration!


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