Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Show Time!

It's show time at school very soon and as part of the extravaganza this week I was presented with the usual list of costume requirements.  This year, thankfully, the list was one I didn't have to rob relatives of obscure garments to fulfil.  The only "extra" required (ie beyond what I could find at home) was an oversized bow tie - I can do that!!  Cue relieved mummy smile.

One helpful tutorial, a bit of super-sizing and some fabric selection and voila - one oversized boy's bow tie!!

Doesn't the wadding gave it lovely structure?  My only complaint in this whole procedure was when DS chose this lovely Nicey Jane print (admittedly louder than my usual fabric style) because his fabric brief was "the more ridiculous the better"!  Ridiculous?!  Hmpfff, might just be having a wee mummy huff now that my fabric has been so maligned!


  1. I love that there really is a tutorial for everything!! Looks great and my experience is that young boys don't generally have a great appreciation of fabric ;)

  2. Kids.....they just don't get it do they!! Fab bow tie

  3. Can you have it back after and disassemble it to have the fabric back?

  4. Clever mum. You have done a great job. Di x

  5. I think that comment deserves a shopping trip to buy more "ridiculous" fabric :o)

    You did a great job on the bow tie...impressive!


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