Friday, 13 April 2012

Playing with Bees ...

Well, not exactly.  More like playing with Bee's fabric, which is what I got up to this afternoon.  (Can you tell with all this sewing this week that I haven't had to commute to work for five whole days?)

Anyway, back to the point.  I've been playing with some of the Bee Blessed donated fabrics to see what can be brought together to make up another quilt and today I got to work with a lovely Moda Full Circle charm pack (black, red and biscuit colours).  From our donated stash I chose some nice red polka dots and a lovely print of mahjong tiles which had just the right colours in it, found some black fabrics in my own stash and voila!

First set of blocks (these even raised a positive comment from hubs as he passed by the sewing room) -

Second set of blocks -

First and second set together (I am falling in love with these) -

There is a third set of blocks to come (see the unstitched reds I've laid out at the bottom) -

Obviously the layout will have to change once I have more red bordered blocks to add in, but if I do say so myself I think this quilt is going to look fab.  I REALLY LOVE how simple and striking the blocks are and am now going to keep my eyes peeled for other fabrics that would look this good in this pattern just so I can make another one!

So if you donated the charm pack or the mahjong tiles fabric, now you know what's happening to them (hope you approve) and I want to say thank you so much for the inspiration!  I am enjoying this one very much.


  1. Oh this is looking fabulous! Those fabrics work perfectly with that pattern. Great choice! Jxo

  2. My you are cranking out the quilts! This is another lovely one. Di xo

  3. A week at home. Yay! New quilt. Double yay! It is looking fab.


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