Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Jelly Roll Experiment Progress

I promised to report back on my progress with the Missouri Star Quilting Company tutorial I referenced yesterday, so here goes ...

The basic process is just as simple as the video tute makes it appear and the result is a fun little mixed up block which has generally improved the appearance of my jelly roll fabrics!

After happily assembling one block I made up a further 7 from my strips.  I think these are beginning to show some promise - although I will play more with the layout to avoid some of the issues I can now spot in the photo that I didn't when I looked at the table!

My only little caveat about this little block tutorial is that once you slice on the diagonals you will be working with bias edges, so if that's not for you you might not want to try this.  My blocks were a little uneven in places because I'm not very experienced in working with bias edges, but I will trim them all down square again before joining the rows.

With my original 16 strips I have been able to make 8 blocks which measured up just under 11" unfinished.  (Just FYI - assuming you had a whole jelly roll of 40 strips FWOF I would think that you should be able to make 20 of these blocks for your quilt top.)

Anyway, I'm happy enough with the result of today's experiment and will break out the second jelly roll soon to make up another 8 blocks for my Bee Blessed quilt top.  Watch this space!


  1. Oh, I think these are looking very good!

  2. These look great! I usually spray my bias edges with a gallon of starch :)

  3. Hi Sarah - The first quilt top I ever made was from a jelly roll 2 inches wide. Funny that you say you can spot issues in the photo 'cos I can't. It's looking great to me!

  4. it looks so good xx making a really great top xx

  5. Yep, starch is the way to go if your bias edges are misbehaving. Loving the soft tones of these prints. The blocks are working really well together. Jxo

  6. You have been busy! I am loving the blocks and your colours are working well. Good to know that you are cracking open the second jelly roll (knew you would). Di xo


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