Monday, 2 April 2012

Housing Crisis Averted!

When Judith put out the call for a Social Housing project to home the Pippi girls I set to it.

But oh dear me!  Poor Pippi has had to call the architects in several times to redraft the plans for her ramshackle abode.  I'm afraid when the builder (moi)  set to work it just wasn't good - so not good that I didn't even want to take a pic to share.

So, in came the architects with their measurements and plans and things improved slightly.  Only slightly, though 'cos on the next build Pippi's house had a roof that was narrower than the building. Probably not so great for keeping out the rain!

After a confrontation between the builder and the architect (yes, I fought with myself in a split personality kind of moment) we reached a compromise, took the building back to its shell and reconstructed the roof with a little more care this time.  Then and only then were we able to draft in the landscape gardeners to lay the lawn and square us all up to 12.5".

And ta da - Pippi has a house (complete with venetian blinds).

Bet you can do this much better than me - could be I'm brain dead and now in much need of the upcoming Easter break - so if you fancy making a wee house for a Pippi girl in this month's Bee Blessed block check out Judith's post here.


  1. Do I need to get the men in white coats yet? Lol! I'm going to try and tackle one myself this week, but I'm sure it won't be anywhere near as well built as yours!! That house ain't coming down no matter who huffs and puffs at it! jxo

  2. Love the venetian blinds added touch!


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