Saturday, 14 April 2012

Before Reality Kicks In

This week has been a lovely blip in the reality of our routine, which is why I've been able to sneak off so much and get stitchy!  So, just before the craziness kicks in again let me show you this afternoon's progress on the two quilts I've been working on for Bee Blessed.

First up is the jelly roll quilt -

It's had a double border added and is appealing to me much more than it did previously.  I made the outer border pieced with leftovers from the squares made for the main blocks - I think it adds a wee bit of interest to the very plain stone coloured border.  I've never pieced a border like this and now I'm feeling like one of the cool people 'cos I did it and it worked!  (I'm very sad, I know.)

And then this charm pack lovely -

I really do love this quilt top - it's probably the colours that really make it for me.  Maybe this would make a good quilt to donate to a male Bee Blessed recipient.

Aaaahhh. (Sound of a stitchily satisfied me.)


  1. You've certainly got a lot done. I love the jelly roll quilt. The pattern, the briefer, the whole lot. And you are one of the cool girls to me.

  2. Putting the pieced border in was a stroke of creative genius! I love it with the aqua. And the red/black/man quilt (can we give it a name please?!)looks stunning! The ladies will be bowing in awe at your feet next BB meet!! Jxo

  3. You gave certainly had a very stitchy week. I am sure that it was a real break not having to commute. I love the aqua quilt and the borders are very cool in a trendy way. Yep you are definitely in the cool gang Mrs S. the man quilt is a winner too.

  4. You have obviously been very busy! Both quilts look fabulous and I like the border on the siblings quilt

  5. Sarah, I love what you did with the border on the "cool" quilt and I also like the colours in your "rich" quilt

  6. I am so enjoying seeing these come together xx

  7. Love the double border, it looks great!

  8. That border is very clever, cool indeed! Lovely to see the finished top :)


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