Thursday, 12 April 2012

Nul Points!

No Eurovision hasn't come early.  Nul Points is simply what this quilt top has!

My Jelly Roll experiment with the Missouri Star Quilt Co video tutorial was moving along nicely until I opened the second mini jelly roll.

Here's what I've learned (the hard way) -

  • Do not work with wonky, unevenly cut jelly roll strips! (Frustrated grrrrrrrrrrr!)
  • Do not work up half a batch of blocks to completion before starting the second half (because the solution to the problems with the second batch could have been applied to all blocks at once).
  • Do not despair - the world did not end just because my quilt has nul points!

I think that if I can find suitable border fabrics and add in a few pieces of the remaining pieced jelly roll strips this little (only 40" square at the mo) imperfect quilt might begin to look quite respectable.


  1. A big ol border will make everything better, although I don't think it's a nul point :)

  2. I don't think it's nul points either! I know what you mean about being frustrated but don't lose your mojo. A nice border will make it all better again :)

  3. It is definitely 10/10 from this angle. The the suggestion of a border is a good one. The left over jelly roll strips might make a good scrappy binding. See it is all fine! Di xo

  4. just keep going... its your design so YOU call the shots... it was ment to be as you made it xxx


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