Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Soul Blossoms D9P Quilt

The problem with this hobby is that even when common sense is telling you not to take on any more big projects, beautiful fabrics and creative longings just keep coming and eventually overrule that common sense altogether (sometimes it really doesn't take that long)!

So...  my teenage niece LOVED her Soul Blossoms cushion that I gifted her for Christmas (what a relief!), remember it?

And, in among the other more random fabrics in my little "stash" are sitting the remains of the Soul Blossom fqs that I bought to have a good variety in her cushion.  At the time I justified the purchase of such a selection because I really loved them myself and thought I would make something for me with the leftovers.  However, seeing how much she loved them I want to use the remaining fabrics to make her a quilt she can love too and this fits in rather nicely with the fact that her sweet 16th is in Feb and I need to have a pressie for her (would help if it was in March actually, but I haven't yet learned how to magically shift a person's date of birth).

So with some very careful cutting to get 100 Soul Blossom squares from the remaining fqs (I had enough fabric for 102 squares!)  I now have this little pile of loveliness - with a new piece for binding - to make into 9 patches and then chop up again to make them disappear.  (Am I mad?)

Here's to another quilt in the making and hopefully making her even happier than her Christmas pressie did!


  1. Quite possibly mad, but hopefully you will be happy as you sew in your madness!! Although you have an impressive track record of meeting tight deadlines....husband's Christmas quilt (from the border inwards) and son's last minute, super duper quilt. No, you are not just enjoy setting tight deadlines! Foot to the floor Sarah, you will be fine. Di xo

  2. oooh! Wishing you luck..and speedy fingers xx

  3. Definitely mad, but it will be so worth it!

  4. Not mad - because it is going to be a stunning quilt!

  5. Lovely pillow - in fact I have a few stray bits of soul blossoms left from another project so perhaps I should do something similar...

  6. Love the cushion, looking forward to seeing the quilt !


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