Friday, 6 January 2012

Bee Blessed Blocks for January

My New Year sewing and blogging has gotten off to a slow start but I've finally got off the ground with a couple of blocks for this month's Bee Blessed which is meeting tomorrow. (Yep, thought I'd really better get my finger out!)  So here they are:

Woven block

Snowball Block

For the next few months we haven't prescribed any particular block for Bee Blessed.  So, as long as the unfinished block measures 12.5" square we have freedom to challenge ourselves to something new or make an old favourite as we please.  (BTW - If you'd like to be one of our online Bee members you can join us in this venture - just pop over to the flickr group and get in touch - or leave a comment here and I'll get back to you.)  It's going to be fun to see what everybody chooses to do.  Then with our stash of blocks we'll see what works together and create some sampler quilts to donate.

This month I had planned to use the Modern Blocks book which I LOVE,

but somehow I got sidetracked by the blocks that Jenna posted for her Sew Happy Quilt QAL.  They were lovely to make - not too taxing, but still interesting - and I'm pretty happy with them.  Thanks Jenna!  I think the problem with the Modern Blocks blocks was that I was just so indecisive about which of the MANY I wanted to make and Jenna's two block tutorial kind of helped me with a neat little packaged set when I really just needed to be getting on with it.  Got to be more assertive with myself for next time!


  1. I love these fabrics. I have/had the blue one and this post reminded me that I have almost used it all. Did you plan to make the same blocks as Katy?

  2. oooh, love your blocks: very crisp. Have fun today

  3. These are so colourful and dramatic! They'll be fab in a sampler quilt. Jxo


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