Saturday, 7 January 2012

Grannies Eat Your Hearts Out!

It has been (lovingly and humorously) said that our last lot of soft hued, vintage fabric style log cabin blocks for Bee Blessed were "Granny Blocks".  Well, today us Bees got together, sorted, trimmed and pieced the "grannies"  into four lovely quilt tops.

Sorting and laying out (aka log cabin carpet)

Auditioning border fabric to increase the size of this little green and red quilt
(and Heather made up another lovely block to fill in the missing gap). 

Ros gets cracking on the pink/lavenders quilt.

Fully pieced pinks/browns/creams - this one is warmer and pinker than this pic looks.
There is another soft blue quilt top but I seem to be missing pics of it. Must get some next time.

So there you have it - another busy Bee afternoon.  Thank you all for the beautiful blocks you sent us - any granny should be proud of these!


  1. Your pieced quilt tops look great!! Strong work! Thank you for your generous efforts. I did not contribute this month due to the busy-ness of the holidays and home-made gift-making, but I hope to get a few blocks mailed off by your next meeting. I'm sure you had a lot of fun getting together, and I'm sure the finished quilts will be very much appreciated.

  2. Your pics are so much better than mine S! Love the finished brown top! Can't wait to give these away! Jxo

  3. these quilts are looking fabulous: well done to you all on your hard work

  4. I just love how everyone's different fabrics end up going together so well!

  5. Great granny quilts! Looks like you ladies were super busy. Di xo


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