Friday, 13 January 2012

Pinballs and Pebbles

As the Soul Blossoms D9P quilt blocks are slowly coming together in the background I have been trying to fit in a few other little things along the way this week.

First up, a couple more blocks from the Modern Blocks book -

These ones are the Pinball Machine block and are destined for the stock of blocks being gathered over at Bee Blessed in the next few months.  I enjoyed this block, though I'm not sure I achieved the sharp look of the original from the book.  (I have just previewed this post before publishing and noticed that the block are different!  I didn't see it when I was making them, clearly I've mixed one up a little - oops!)

And here's what I got up to at class this week ....

Yep that's FMQ practice! (Just in case you had trouble identifying it.)  The lovely Judith took 12 of us through the process of getting started on the FMQ journey.  I must admit that I found it much easier to follow her tutelage than I did struggling on by myself in the early autumn when I made an attempt at FMQing.  It really helped to see a demonstration and to have J on hand to help sort out tension issues.  It's not something I find coming naturally but I did see progress and by the end of the night I think I was starting to produce some pretty reasonable pebbles. Next week we have a bit of sketching skills tuition which should be fun too!

And the aim of all this FMQ/sketching?  Well, check out Judith's Welcome Wallhanging project which we are all hoping to make in the last few weeks of the class.  Can't wait!

Hope everybody has a great weekend with plenty of stitchy goodness involved!


  1. Love that modern block! And well done you on the fmq. Judith must love teaching you if you get it so quickly. One day I am going to show up at one of these classes and get the chance to learn something too!

  2. I am a visual person and do much better when I can "see" what I am supposed to be doing...mind you that is NO guarentee I will do it RIGHT!! xx Well done with the F-M-Q xx

  3. That fmq looks great Sarah! When can u come up to show me??:)

  4. Oh I looooove those modern blocks - your fabrics are so fresh and almost summery looking! I hadn't even noticed the difference in them til you pointed it out! And thanks for the lovely comments friend, you're a breeze to teach!! Jxo

  5. Hi Sarah, I am catching up on blog reading so have not stopped here for a while. I love your fmq! Your blocks are lovely, these and the other ones you did from the book and it looks like the Bee Blessed group had a great time. I hope to send you folks some more blocks in the next week too.


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