Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Mouthy Stitches Swap - Round 1

What is it about this hobby and the persuasiveness of blog posts that makes me do things I know I shouldn't but things I really, reeeeeeeeaaaallllly want to?

Susan, Cindy and Hadley have joined forces to offer a new swap - Mouthy Stitches (say no more).  Round 1 is open for sign ups and gets started by end of the month. It looks like they're hoping for 90 swappers by 22 Jan but tonight they're already at 64-ish and sign-ups only opened today!  Way to go ladies - how popular are you?

A zippered pouch is the swap item and boy do I need to put in some practice to get my zip skills swap-worthy!  (In advance, Partner I will try sooo hard to get the zip in neatly to a pouch you will like, but I hope you will be the forgiving kind!)

My pouch inspiration mosaic -

This will be a challenge for me but hopefully I'll manage with the support of the other lovely swappers and those Mouthy Mamas!


  1. So glad you are on the swap Sarah! Love your mosaic. Just looked at in on the Flickr page but as I am on the iPad in bed thought I would save my next round of mosaic commenting for tomorrow.

  2. The swap sounds like fun, but I'm still not confident enough in zippers to make one for another quilter/sewer. Your inspiration mosaic is awesome!! I look forward to seeing all yours and the other participants upcoming posts!

  3. Soooooo glad you're in! Was secretly hoping you would. And thank you for putting some of my efforts in there! Jxo

  4. Im having a "go" ...I too hope my partner is forgiving....I have NO idea what I am doing!! OH DEAR! xx

  5. I am in too, really looking forward to getting started!

  6. Great mosaic! I am in the swap as well :)

  7. I'm in the swap too - pleased to 'meet' you! All the pouches you've selected look fabulous. I can't wait to get the name of my partner and get started!


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