Wednesday 9 November 2011

Up Next ...

I'm so excited to be going back to class tomorrow night!  I was green with envy that I had to miss out on the jelly roll quilt class because of post-operatve non-driving - see what they made without me.

But finally, finally I am able to head over to Belfast tomorrow night for a new class.  We'll be making Advent calendars from panel kits for the next few weeks.  I love all things Christmassy so I'm really looking forward to this project and I've chosen my kit.  Isn't she cute?

Now, I know that amid all the modern Christmas making going on out there my little traditional angel will probably not be most of your cup of teas.  In fact some of you may currently be hyperventilating at the sight of gold and reds and greens -

breathe deeply!

in .... and out ...

there, see you're okay really.

But I like her very much and can't wait to make her up, fill her little pockets with treats and count down the days to the festive celebrations.  Off to pack up my machine and bits and bobs in readiness for the fun and community!

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  1. LOL! You're so funny! Some of those breathing exercises will come in handy tonight when you see how many little seams there are to iron! Jxo


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