Monday 28 November 2011

Nose to the Grindstone

With the Secret Quilt safely finished and hidden away it's time to step up the gears and tackle my still healthy list for pre-Christmas stitching.  (I may have to start ignoring housework, laundry and decent meals for the family in an attempt to get a wee bit closer to ticking things off the list!)

In the past week I have completed the Secret Quilt, hand-stitched 500 inches of binding (on 3 different items, lest you think the Secret Quilt is enormous!), cut and pieced 20 blocks for DS Surprise Quilt,

I love these blocks - they make me smile!

made a start on stitching the November Birdie Stitches block (will take a pic when it's finished), finished my Angel advent calendar, made a retractable house tape measure and a rose crocheted brooch and sewn 3 log cabin blocks for Bee Blessed.

That's good going for life in these here parts at the mo, here's hoping I can keep up the momentum and achieve all that I'm planning to on time!


  1. Wow! You are going at a great speed. Well done you!

  2. Andrew's blocks look stunning! Guess you'll not be needing the Red Bull then!! Jxo

  3. Sarah, you are doing great work. Your son's quilt is ahaping up well Do you get to sleep?


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