Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Just what I need

When my sewing time has dwindled away to practically nothing each week, and I have a list of projects the length of my arm that NEED to be finished (and even some still to be started) very soon, another quilt project is just what I need - NOT!

But you see, I so, so want to make this one.  My lovely son has been complimenting other quilts and projects I've been making for a long time now and hinting subtly and sometimes not so subtly that he'd like a quilt one day.  We agreed that we would keep our eyes peeled for the right pattern and that I would one day make his quilt.

So I've been holding on to a couple of pattern ideas and just last week found some fabrics that will be perfect for him

Cosmo Cricket's Snorkel for Makower and Klona Ash

So now I can't resist, even though another Christmas deadline was not part of my plans!  He has been very patient and he's been very excited about the Secret Quilt's progress (he has been let in on the secret), and I just think he'll be so chuffed on Christmas morning when he receives something he's not expecting.

Boy, have I really got to get busy!!!!!


  1. Hey Sarah I would love to see his face on Christmas morning! It will be something he will really treasure. So.... head down and foot to the floor!

  2. Do what I do when time is short and the list long - start feeding them frozen pizza and the like. I throw in a bit of salad to appease my guilty conscience, and then get back to the sewing. Good luck.

  3. Wow! Stunning fabrics! Perfect for himself! Jxo


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