Friday, 25 November 2011


So, there I was today thinking I'd be all smart and prepare my Secret Quilt reveal post for just after the Christmas hols - mainly 'cos I'm dying to show you all now but can't.  Except I sort of did - to anyone who has Sew Me in their google reader at least.  A slip of the finger meant I hit the publish post button instead of the options button and whoosh away went my post into the ether.  Frustratingly there's no way to get it back either as deleting the post does not mean the post is removed from google reader's cache (good to know after a mishap - not!).

So apart from being the world's slowest sewist (try saying that after a few pink bubblies) I am also the world's dimmest blogger.  So you now all know how I have supposed hubby likes his quilt and how I hoped you had a good Christmas break.

Duh-uh Sa-rah!

To make myself feel less daft here's two wee makes I managed this week for a sewing friend's birthday:

Retractable tape measure (Patchwork Pottery pattern) and crocheted brooch (new pattern which I love)

Hope to be less of a blog idiot tomorrow!


  1. Oh bless, what a shame Sarah. I am going through reader backwards so not seen that post yet. But your makes above are gorgeous. Love the idea of the little house tape measure cover!

  2. I don't know how to use Google reader so I'm even more a blog idiot than you! Please send me the pattern for that brooch - I love it! Jxo


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