Saturday 19 November 2011

Test Run

I decided that before I chop into the fabrics for DS's Surprise Quilt I should give the block I have in mind a trial run.  So here it is -

I don't know what it's called - do you?  Looks like a kind of double bow-tie, but I can't seem to find a name for it.  The calculations for this block weren't too taxing but I wasn't quite sure how to size the little corner triangles.  I think it all came out okay, even if it is just a little under 12.5" - well DS isn't going to measure them is he?

So now to take the ruler and rotary cuter to that lovely stack of Snorkel fabric!

BTW - in case you think I'm abandoning the Secret Quilt in favour of this Surprise Quilt - I'm pleased to say that the Secret Quilt has now been quilted and the binding is machine stitched on  - I just need some privacy to be able to bring the quilt out and finish the binding by hand.

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  1. Fab block, and so well aligned too! No clue what it's called, sorry! Jxo


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