Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Wonky Star(ts)

This week I made my first ever blocks for a Bee - yippee!  Initiation complete.  Bee Blessed is the first bee I've ever joined and the block for our first quilts is the wonky star block - Judith has posted all the details here.  Never having made this block before, I thought I'd have a go and stitch one or two up in advance of our Bee meeting on 10 Sept.  It was lots of fun and quite straightforward really.  So here are my first two blocks -

I think the blue one is my favourite.
Keep an eye on the Bee Blessed flickr page too.  There are some gorgeous blocks from our generous blog friends appearing there too.   It's very exciting to think that we will shortly be making these up into baby quilts to bring a wee touch of blessing to someone in need.

I also managed to make a start on another gift cushion by cutting the fabrics.  This one is for a fifteen year old girl who I am hoping will love these Amy Butler Soul Blossoms prints as much as I do.  Here are all the pieces cut and ready for stitching -

The cross layout has nothing to do with the final make up of the cushion, though I kind of wish now that it did because I like these.  More soon I hope.


  1. Oh I'm intrigued by your cushion!! Could it be a mosaic style one? Those soul blossoms touch my soul! Jxo

  2. Your blocks look great. Love Soul Blossoms

  3. Lovely stars and liking that soul blossoms start. Want to see more.


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