Friday, 2 September 2011

Kaleidoscope Progress

Those of you who have borne with my Kaleidoscope drama will know that my progress is way behind on this quilt, but you will also appreciate that I am delighted to make it this far, given that at one stage I wasn't sure if it was redeemable.

After spending some time crawling around the living room floor (my poor knees) I finally positioned all the blocks so that no fabrics were matched to themselves.  This was a bit trickier than I anticipated, but I think I managed it (bit late now if I've missed one).

Laying this out was a bit of a surprise. All sorted and laid neatly on the floor it began to look a little overwhelming as it's quite a bit larger than any of my previous quilts.  Anyway, onwards ....

I pieced the blocks together and now I have a fab blue and white quilt top!  Woohoo me!

Hanging sideways to avoid trailing in the wet grass.

I just added this pic because I liked how it billowed in the wind.
I am delighted that my quilt top actually looks like it's supposed to.  It's even possible to catch a glimpse of that secondary circular pattern that you're supposed to get with the kaleidoscope design.

I would be lying if I tried to tell you that all my seams and points matched up perfectly but adopting the "blind man on a galloping horse wouldn't see it" approach, I'm actually very happy with the outcome.  I am a little anxious about how I'm going to manage the quilting on this bigger piece than I'm used to, but chuffed that it looks good at this stage.


  1. Wow, what a winner, the colours are ace.

  2. Oh those points soooooo match up, & I know cos I've seen it in the flesh! You're right I can see the secondary pattern now that it's hanging on the line! Beautiful. Jxo

  3. You should be delighted with that top. It is beautiful!

  4. ThIs looks great, I love how effective a two colour quilt is.

  5. Wonderful! What a lovely quilt - it looks amazing. You have worked so hard on this quilt, it was worth it as you have a lovely finished quilt. I am planning to have a go at a kaleidoscope quilt soon! Thank you.


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