Monday, 29 August 2011

You are NOT the only one

Not so long ago, my lovely blogging friend Susan asked if she was the only one.  Well, Susan, this one's just for you to assure you that YOU'RE NOT THE ONLY ONE.

I posted about my birdie stitches blocks on return from holidays and a few days later as I caught sight of the photo of the August block on my blog post, I noticed that something was slightly amiss.

Would you notice the problem?

It took a few minutes to work out why it just didn't look right, but it's all to do with the alignment of the script prints in the Sunkissed fabrics.  They should be running horizontal and right way up, but I must have transferred the embroidery design at a 90 degree angle and so they were running vertical instead.  Not a huge crime but because all the other blocks were consistent and 7 others were already stitched this one just looked a little odd.

So, with trusty stitch ripper in hand I unpicked the block borders and reassembled them.

Aaah, much better.

So you see Susan , you're definitely not the only one!

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