Thursday, 11 August 2011

Kindle Cover

I've been thinking for a while how I might create a quilted cover for my Kindle, but with everything else that happened here this summer I just couldn't seem to get my head around how the construction might actually work.  I had a picture of the finished item in my head, but just couldn't get the steps straight.  I did try to cheat and find some other clever person who'd already thought it through and published a wee free tutorial, but clever as they all were they weren't quite what I had pictured.

Then, mum joined the bandwagon and said she'd love a soft cover for her kindle too, so I knew I'd have to try and get that thought process operating again!  Try as I might, some of the finer points just wouldn't come to me, so there was nothing else for it but to just get the machine going and make a stab at it.

So after some measuring,


fiddling with elastic,

and stitching

here's my first effort

It does need a tweak or two here and there to adjust the width a fraction and get the top flap looking a bit neater, but all in all I'm pretty pleased with the result so far.  Don't worry mum, if you're peeking in this one isn't yours, you will get a better, upgraded and slight less snug version of my Kindle cover shortly!


  1. Love it! Well done for just having a crack at it. Jxo

  2. The girls have kindles and I was thinking of making them covers too. Yours looks excellent and no tweaking required!


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