Thursday, 4 August 2011

Farmer's Wife - More blocks

I've been pulling out the stops to try and catch up with the Farmer's Wife blocks in the hope of (maybe) getting back on track by the end of August.  So here are the latest offerings-

Block 16 - Calico Puzzle

Block 20 - Churn Dash

Block 41 - Friendship Star

Block 10 - Bow Tie

Block 9 - Box

Block 21 - Contrary Wife

Block 61 - Northern Lights

Block 48 - Homeward Bound
Block 111 - Wrench

I love them all but especially the friendship star.  I think another five this month and I'll be back on track (until the next delay anyway).  Here they all are together with previously made blocks -

I'm enjoying these little blocks (all measure 6.5" unfinished) but it can be tricky on such small blocks not to lose the sizing in the seams.  I love the colours of my fabric choices for this quilt - they feel much more feminine than I've made to date - this one is definitely for me to keep!

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  1. I love your fabrics too! They blend together beautifully. Love that friendship star block. Jxo


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