Saturday, 7 January 2017

Zippy Make for New Year

My first make of the New Year actually started just before the pink bubbles on New Year's Eve.  I have wanted to make a little zippy bag using Lori Holt's Quilty Zip Bag Tutorial for a while now and NYE seemed like a good time to get started.

I chose my two prints from Makower 'Radiance' (the pink and the teal mix that make up the petals of the flower) and matched them with some others from my stash for this combination which I really love!

I wanted my pouch to have a little slip pocket inside for a couple of cards and after several attempts finally cut my fabric correctly and stitched it in place.  I meant to sew that little tab in behind the pocket as a pen tab but forgot.  I was making mountains out of molehills that afternoon!

As I followed the pattern, I realised that I could slip the pen tab in at the side, so it wasn't all lost.

I wish the colours were showing properly in this pic because they really are much nicer in real life, but overall I'm delighted with this little pouch.  I particularly enjoyed the EPP rounded petal hexagon flower and adding a wee touch of hand quilting too.

 I just had to show you the back of the pouch for a better look at the Radiance print.  Again, the iPad camera hasn't captured the colour well in the evening light, but isn't it just a lovely design?

It was fun to work on something small from start to finish.  Here's to a few more quick finishes in 2017!


  1. A sweet little finish for a new year!

  2. Congrats on your first finish of 2017! It's such a cute bag, and I'm sure it will get loads of use!Jxo

  3. pretty and practical good to have your first make done so early in the year

  4. Lovely fabrics. A good start for the new year: nurturing your credit cards!!

  5. loved this on instagram. Obviously my NYE was quiet when I was following your progress!

  6. forgot to add, I love the pocket for the credit cards, something lacking in so many bags


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