Monday, 9 January 2017

FAL 2017 - My Quarter 1 List

Now that the first quarter linky for Finish A Long is open, it's time to make my own list of proposed finishes for the next three months.

'Happy Days' BOM
This is the Sarah Fielke's BOM which I played games of "keep up", then "catch up" with throughout 2016.  Such a lot still to do, so this one might be too tall an order for one quarter but it's on the list!

Moda Modern Building Blocks Quilt
This quilt needed a bit of a fix before I send it off for quilting elsewhere.  I did a little wiggling and I think its ok now, so just a matter of packing up and shipping off for Trudification.  Oh yes, and I will bind it when it comes back for a finish, of course.

Quilt Now BOM
I started hand quilting this already, but didn't get very far yet. Lots of stitches required for a finish.

Frame Box Quilt for Siblings Together
I'll need wadding, a backing and a binding for this one.

Cosy Christmas Quilt
Not sure I'll find working on this very seasonal once we're a little further away from the New Year, but I would like to keep it progressing rather than languishing untouched for the rest of the year.

Miss Winkle Scarf
Started at the beginning of the autumn in 2016 but I didn't really get very far before it was parked.  Might be nice to be able to wear it while the weather is still cool - good here until May, even if this one slips to next Quarter ;-).

Wonky Stars Baby Quilt
Just started this one last weekend.  Trying to keep it simple so that my cousin will actually receive a finish quilt when her little one arrives.  I really enjoy how quickly wonky stars come together and they never disappoint.  The horizontal section of the starter pieced together and the rest has been layed out and the rows gathered in ready for piecing.  Hoping it won't take too long to finish when I get back to it.

Ironing Board Cover
Shamed by the grotty state of my current table top ironing board cover, I have supplies all cut and ready to go for a fresh replacement.  Just need to get at it.

I think eight is more than hopeful for 13 weeks, but, you never know...

Linking up to 2017 FAL Q1 proposals.


  1. Such a wonderful assortment! So many beautiful BOMs! Me, I would jump on that sweet baby quilt for a quick and cute first finish!😊 Good luck!!

  2. Good Luck .... with that long list.... just think how much space you will create when they are all done!!

  3. plenty to keep yo busy here loving the wonky stars must do a web search as have not made any of those. onder if Trudi ever gets time to sleep with all the quilts she quilts!

  4. Wow, this is an amazing list! I would love to see the iron board cover and the baby quilt! I hope to finally make a star quilt for myself but not this Q1 ... there are other projects that need an urgent finish ;)

  5. Beautiful projects! Success with the list.

  6. Plenty to keep you going there then. Is the ironing board cover a pressing requirement? I do so love a pun. If so, put it to the top of your list. You are so near a finish on many of these projects

  7. What lovely projects you have on the go - I love the wonky stars quilt. Like you I have listed some Christmas projects and I'm not sure how I will feel about working them as the weeks go by. Good luck with them all!

  8. Nice list! I really like the wonky stars baby quilt! Good luck with everything! :-)

  9. Love your fabric choices on these quilts, so soft and pretty! Best of luck with your projects this quarter!


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