Monday, 2 January 2017

2017 - A whole new year for plans

A new year and an opportunity for lovely new plans.  So, what would you like your 2017 stitching life to hold?

Hmmm ...

Here's what I'm thinking for me -

Given that my plan for 2016 was to simply stitch as took my fancy with no particular concerns or pressures over deadlines, I have now accumulated a healthy pile of WIPs.  So, maybe it would be nice in 2017 to finish some of those up. They are much too lovely to leave unfinished. You can see the list of them over there in the left hand sidebar.  So less parking of projects and more progress!

Dear Jane
Not sure she really qualifies as a WIP since I planted my flag for a Dear Jane quilt in Jan 2016 and by early June I had a whole 5 blocks stitched.  Go me!  In my defence, I had great plans for my summer holidays and prepped lots of blocks to take with me.  However, I forgot that babies don't do holiday relaxation, so all those carefully prepared bags are still awaiting my attention.  2017 is the year!  No deadlines for this quilt - that would be ridiculous.  I imagine that this baby will be with me still as a WIP in my retirement.  I quite like that thought, just hope I won't need a wee bit extra sashing when I get to 63!

New sewing
I cannot possibly declare a ban on new projects.  Where would be the fun in that?  There will be new things along the way, I hope, and I know already of two gift quilts that will be needed. Besides, Santa brought my beautiful vintage Singer and it would be very rude of me not to have a lovely new project to sew on her, wouldn't it?

Books and Magazines
I don't think I'm alone when I say that I have lots of lovely books and magazines but I don't make enough from them.  I'd like that to change, so I need to peruse my shelves when I'm planning new projects this year.

Joining In
Having limited time for my hobby these days, I want to make sure I stay connected and I have some plans afoot to ensure that I don't lose touch with this lovely community.  You'll have to watch and see.

Supporting Charity Sewing
Lack of sewing time last year meant I wasn't able to get a finished quilt to Siblings Together and this year I'd really like to make a contribution.

Reduce my stash
Purely a practical issue.  I need to reduce what needs to be stored in our house but I want to sew it up, not just destash it. So, it would be great if I could achieve as many new makes from stash as possible. Easier said than done, maybe, but I can try.

So, those are my stitchy thoughts as this new year begins.  It's all with a small pinch of salt though because I want to keep enjoying this hobby even when I don't get lots of time to indulge my passion, and that might mean occasionally veering off course!

What are your stitchy thoughts as 2017 begins?  Do tell!


  1. Good Luck Sarah - if you achieve all of your goals you will have a very successful creating year!

  2. good plans here, so admire those who do the Dear Jane quilt, did buy the book but have passed it on to someone else as know I will never get to do it.
    No plans so far apart from making a quilt for my brother who si still recovering from a heart attack 7 weeks ago and I think will be lounging around when he is finally able to go home.
    Like you have lots of books that seem to sit on the shelf unread, also need to do some browsing of those and plan to do a block a month for bee blessed as did none last year

  3. Dear Jane blocks look lovely. Slowly, slowly, every year a few more! I didn't make any specific sewing plans. Have the book about the Farmer's Wife, but don't know whether I am up to it yet!

  4. That is a lovely plan for 2017. I never make a plan which ends up in WIPs and more project I ever can handle so I will sit down and have a good look through the things waiting for attention. One thing I will be definitely joining you: reducing the stash by sewing! I started that last year and was really brave not to buy fabrics just because they are cut and more because of a purpose. So lets see if I can get rid of one box to make space in my shelf :)

  5. I like the sound of your plans, manageable and realistic! Wishing you another creative year! Jxo

  6. Like Jude, I like the sound of these plans! Good luck with them!


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