Sunday, 22 January 2017

Refreshing for Pressing

Grotty and gross are just about the only suitable words to describe my small ironing board cover.  Replacing it to make it look respectable again has been on my (very lengthy) To Do list for some time.  

I've even had the new fabric and wadding layers cut and ready for a while now.

Shame (and having posted it on my Q1 FAL proposed finishes) finally got the better of me and now my little board is all fresh to press on again.

This fabric is a dec weight from Ikea (£4/m) which I thought co-ordinated quite nicely with vintage tea cup patterns on my dresser which it sits next to when in use.

I wonder how long until it looks shameful again? ;-)

So, that's a tick for the first and easiest of my Q1 FAL Proposed Finishes.  Have you got a finish yet?


  1. Very nice! And yay for checkmarks on the list! :-)

  2. lovely job and such nice fabric my big one is desperate for a cover holes in it! maybe I will pop into Ikea just 2 bus rides away or 15 mins if I had a car though there will be so much to tempt me whilst there, willhave to wait till next week as only got saturday free and cannot have free coffee on a saturday!

  3. Looks great again! Mine is ready for a make-over! I am always surprised how quick they get dirty again!

  4. looks great. one of my life regrets is I gave away my mini ironing board. Ah well, if that's my biggest regret in life ..........

  5. Looks fabulous! Ikea is great for cheap and interesting fabrics for sure.

    Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2017 global FAL hosts.


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