Monday, 8 June 2015

Quilt Now BOM - Issue 12

In Issue 12 of the Quilt Now Magazine Mystery BOM Reene had us making the final blocks for the quilt top.

I got to cut circles from my spring/summer palette of fabrics for some handsewn Suffolk Puffs (or yoyos, if you like).  It always amazes me how much smaller the circles end up when the puff is actually gathered in, but it is a really fun little technique which is great for all sorts of embellishment activities and brooch-making too, which is how I first learned it at one of Judith's workshops what seems like eons ago now.

Then, following Reene's instructions for placement and a little invisible appliqué stitch or two these pretty blocks took shape.  I just wish I could have closed the gap up a little tighter when I gathered the circles.  When I tried, I broke my thread - several times!  Not sure why the openings didn't close in a little more, but it's not really a big drama.

So, since all the blocks are made now, I'm imagining that the final month of the BOM will show us how to order the remaining blocks and how to finish the borders?  It's so nice to be this close to completing the quilt top.  I've just got my fingers crossed that I might make it over that piecing finish line before our expected arrival relegates it to a UFO box!


  1. Lovely colors! This quilt looks so much fun now you only have to put the blocks together and are done :) Amazing

  2. Sweet puffs! Fingers crossed you make the deadline! Jxo

  3. Your blocks look great! I had the same issue with thread snapping on a couple of my puffs, most frustrating. I'm so looking forward to seeing your finished quilt, I hope it doesn't become a UFO xxx

  4. You have done so well in keeping up with the BOM. Will the quilt top be finished before baby comes???? I am not putting my money on that!!!
    Di x

  5. Gorgeous! Would polyester thread be better for gathering the puffs? Also, you could fuse a bit of fabric in the centre (either the same or contrasting) if the gap really bugged you!


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