Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Moda Modern Building Blocks - Blocks 8 & 9

Oops, fell off the radar a little there as family stuff took over for a bit and I forgot to keep you updated with my Moda Modern Building Blocks progress.  So these, and the next few that I will post about were stitched while my sewing room was still operational and before I had good advice from Archie's buddy about starching.

Moda Modern Building Blocks - Block 8
Block 8 is another 18.5" block and yes, the geese are back with a vengeance!  My flying geese for this block were a little wobbly to say the least and I found it difficult to know what size they actually should have been since they are running diagonally across the quilt.  Frankly, I was surprised this block worked out even if a few of my geese have lost their pointy beaks along the way.  No-one will notice, right?

Moda Modern Building Blocks - Block 9

Block 9 is the last of the 18.5" blocks in the Moda Modern Building Blocks quilt.  I really enjoyed putting this block together but I think my favourite thing about it is the script print from Daysail.  It's such a pretty tiny script design.

This many blocks in to the quilt I am hoping that I am keeping a reasonable balance of colours and prints across the quilt but it is hard to get a real feel for it as a whole to be honest.  When I was cutting the block fabric packs I tried to choose as carefully as possible to get the mix right, but I guess I can always shuffle blocks in the final layout if I have to.  Here's hoping!


  1. Great looking geese from here! It's going to be so lovely with all the blocks together. Jxo

  2. I love those geese! Hope the starching works for your next blocks!


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