Sunday, 21 June 2015

Bee Blessed

Yesterday afternoon this fab group of Bees gave Judith and I a lovely send off as we move on from our responsibilities at Bee Blessed.

As you can see we had a yummy vintage afternoon tea provided - proper china, pretty napkins, homemade cream scones and fresh fruit kebabs, mmmmmm!  We were also very thoughtfully gifted beautiful scented floral bouquets - the stocks smell divine!  

Thank you friends for the many laughs, the creative sharing and the delicious cakes, savouries and various other treats that fuelled us along the way for the past four years.  Especially thanks for your lovely farewell yesterday.  Big hugs to you all.

As I've mentioned before this lovely group of ladies, including some "next generation" quilters, do have plans to continue Bee Blessed and keep sending out quilty blessings to those who are struggling or going through the tough stuff that life can throw at us.  I am so thrilled that the heart for Bee Blessed will continue to beat and hope so much that those of you reading who have supported the Bee with block contributions in the past, will continue to do so going forward.  Got to keep those ladies busy and out of trouble, don't we?  I know that the ladies are working to get their lines of communication for Bee Blessed up and running and I will give you all the details of where you can find them as soon as it's all live.  Keep an eye out!


  1. So glad you and Jude got such a lovely send off for all your great efforts.

  2. well done ladies, and i still have a nearly quilted orphan square quilt to return to Bee Blessed

  3. Looking great - love the afternoon tea celebration!

  4. What a lovely way to say thank you and goodbye!

  5. Aw, sweet! Wish I could've been there! Who should I contact about staying on the email list?


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