Friday, 12 June 2015

New EPP Project in the Planning

I have been missing having an EPP project on the go and decided to make more use of these 5am starts that I can't seem to shake.  So, in old-school fashion I've been tracing hexagons on fabric (more Bonnie & Camille) and cutting and cutting and cutting.

Yes, I know about Sizzix and how helpful it could be to this preparation but I don't have one and actually I have found it reasonably therapeutic and distracting to trace and cut, trace and cut, about eight hundred times.  My IG buddies have beaten me into an admission though that Sizzix would definitely have been a quicker and easier path - they wore me down with their rational arguments!  Maybe I'll have a Sizzix for my next EPP project after this...

So, here's the result of all my chopping so far.  It's a lot more hexies than it looks!  I'm hoping that I will piece this into diamond shapes and maybe arrange them in a star/flower layout, though I may change my mind by the time I finally get to that point.  Now that they are all cut, I'm itching to start basting and whip stitching but there's a lot else to do just now so I will hold off a little longer and this will become a perfect summer pick-me-up project.

So, do tell.  If you were to buy a Sizzix for the purposes of EPP what shape die would you consider really worth the purchase?


  1. That's going to be a gorgeous project! I'm afraid I have no opinions about Sissix dies, though - sorry!

  2. Honestly Sarah! You would have to get the die shape you use most often! If you go for hexies, get the hexie ones! If you prefer a diamond, get that!
    But you do have to remember, you need one size for the fabric and a smaller one for the paper, so it is two lots of dies you have to get... If you have a friend with a sizzix, borrow theirs! lol!

  3. You are more than welcome to borrow mine, though I only have the 1" and 1.25" hexie dies. One day I would like to get a bigger one. Jxo

  4. Hats of to you for cutting out all those hexies. You will def have to save up for a siss


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