Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Modern Moda Building Blocks - Blocks 2 & 3

I have more mahoosive blocks from the Moda Modern Building Blocks to show you today.

Moda Modern Building Blocks - Block 2

This is Block 2 for which I cut into my precious and very new Bonnie & Camille Daysail fabrics.  Those little sailboats are so cute and I think that the meadow print in aqua is one of my favourite aqua prints from any of the B&C lines.  Like block 1 this is another 36.5" square block and practically a quilt in itself.

Moda Modern Building Blocks - Block 3

For the 30.5" square block 3 I used the gorgeous green crosshatch print from daysail and a paisley print in orange from Scrumptious.  I love how these work together and really recommend the crosshatch prints in any of the Daysail colours (red, navy, green and aqua).  It's so pretty with the little dots included to add interest to the main crosshatch pattern.  All of those HSTs were a little tricky and honestly some don't quite line up in the final block layout, but I am trying to see the bigger picture and not nit-pick the finer detail.  Otherwise, this quilt is likely to drive me crazy as I foresee issues with my piecing of the HSTs that have been made from pre-cut triangles, and I need to retain as much sanity as possible going forward.

Sorting fabrics for all the prep cutting.

Initially, cutting so substantially into my varied B&C stash for this large project was quite scary but having made the first lot of cuts I feel now that it will have been worth it by the end.  Really, I don't want to keep hoarding them.  They weren't made to be kept in a box but I think I have been reluctant to use them until just the right quilt project(s) because they can actually be quite hard to come by here in the UK.  Yes, some shops keep parts of the lines but it can be hard to track down more than 6 or 7 prints from each line.

Block packages cut and ready to stitch.

Suffice to say, I have broken the ice and am happy that between this project and the new EPP project I am planning,  I am content to deplete my B&C stash.  Besides, there will be new collections won't there?


  1. You are far too organised! Well done, for putting them all in their little packets!
    Liking yur block 3, with that pretty green, too.

  2. Your B&C fabrics are perfect in these blocks. And yes, here is the next B&C collection, due August!!

  3. I love these blocks and I think your version of this quilt is going to be my favourite!


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